Port Meadow

Port Meadow lies to the Northwest of the City of Oxford and is both a SSSI and scheduled monument.  It is the largest area of Common land in Oxford covering in excess of 400 acres. The River Thames runs along its Western perimeter..

The entrance closest to the better bird watching areas is to the South and accessed via Walton Well Road or Aristotle Lane.  Being nearer to the centre of Oxford beware of very heavy commuter traffic during the week.  There is a car park at the end of Walton Well Road.  Alternatively for those who enjoy a good walk the Meadows can be accessed from the Northern entrance in Godstow, Wolvercote, situated on the outskirts of the City. 

There is unrestricted access to the whole site but please note Commoners still exercise their grazing rights. The winter floods attract large flocks of wildfowl and a good variety/number of waders. It is also a good site for migrating birds; gulls and terns.  For reasonable views a spotting scope is essential as the Meadow is quite a large open area offering very little in the way of cover.